10 best Super Bowl 2024 commercials, ranked

Zach Braff and Donald Faison in T-Mobile's Flashdance-inspired commercial.

The 2024 Super Bowl has come and gone, but the ads remain. This year’s contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers came down to the last seconds of overtime. But a significant audience just watches for the Super Bowl commercials, which tend to be several steps above the normal ads we see on TV.

While we’d hesitate to place any of these ads among the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, they all made the cut for the 10 best Super Bowl 2024 commercials. And now you can catch them all as we count down to no. 1.

10. Mr. T in Skechers, Skechers

Skechers ’24 Big Game Spot: Mr. T in Skechers

Mr. T’s heyday may be about four decades behind us, but this ’80s icon still knows how to go over the top in this Skechers ad. We’re giving it bonus points for the Tony Romo cameo and Mr. T’s big entrance.

9. Tom Has Won Enough, BetMGM

Nobody has won more Super Bowls than Tom Brady, and that’s why BetMGM is banning him from placing any bets in this Super Bowl ad. Vince Vaughn and Wayne Gretzky get a pass, but not even Brady’s disguise can get him the betting action he craves.

8. Talkin Like Walken, BMW USA

BMW USA | Christopher Walken in “Talkin Like Walken” (ft. Usher)

Everyone seems to have an impression of Christopher Walken in this BMW ad, but Walken himself is pretty over it. The only imitator that Walken seems to appreciate is Usher, who was all over the ads before and after his halftime performance.

7. Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold, Paramount+

Paramount+ Super Bowl Spot | Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold | A Mountain of Entertainment™

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard star Patrick Stewart isn’t afraid to make himself look insane in Paramount+’s Super Bowl ad. After telling Drew Barrymore to shut her face and donning an old-fashioned football uniform, Sir Patrick takes Hey Arnold!‘s animated main character, a kid with an infamous football-shaped head, and attempts to throw him long. It doesn’t go well for poor Arnold, but the attempt got some good laughs.

6. Like a Good Neighbaaa, State Farm

Like a Good Neighbaaa (:60) | feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito | State Farm® Commercial

Pronunciation has never been Arnold Schwarzenegger’s strong suit, but he’s very much in on the joke in this State Farm ad. This commercial has a callback to one of Schwarzenegger’s most parodied lines from Predator before reuniting him with his Twins c0-star Danny DeVito. The ads had a surpassingly high number of ’80s references this year.

5. Here To Stay, Apartments.com

Apartments.com | Extraterrentrials | :30

The only two people more fitting than Jeff Goldblum to greet the aliens in this ad would have been Arrival‘s co-stars, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

While Renner had his own Super Bowl ad this year, Goldblum gave the alien visitors a decidedly less hostile reception than the invaders got in either of the ID4 movies. That’s because these aliens aren’t out to conquer the planet; they’re just moving in and driving up home prices.

4. The Wait is Over, Popeyes

Popeyes Super Bowl Commercial 2024 Teaser Ken Jeong The Wait is Over Ad Review

This seemed to be inspired by either Demolition Man or Austin Powers. Regardless of which film got the nod, Ken Jeong had a very amusing turn as a man who had himself cryogenically frozen for over five decades while waiting for Popeyes to add wings to their chicken menu. Those had better be some good wings!

3. Audrey Plaza Having a Blast, Mountain Dew

Unlike her Parks and Recreation co-star Chris Pratt (who had a lackluster Pringles ad), Audrey Plaza got to play off her acerbic persona and star in a funny commercial. Her delivery is on point, and it ended with one of Plaza’s other Parks and Rec co-stars, Nick Offerman, riding a Game of Thrones-inspired dragon alongside her.

2. That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling, T-Mobile

Flashdance came out 41 years ago, yet there were two Flashdance-inspired commercials during this year’s Super Bowl. T-Mobile’s was the one that was actually funny, and it had a cameo from Flashdance star Jennifer Beals. Top that, NERDS candy!

Scrubs co-stars and bros for life, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, sing and dance alongside Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa about the wonders of T-Mobile’s home internet. But the presentation was more important than the product here. And we wouldn’t have predicted that Braff would be the one referencing Beals’ loose-fitting T-shirt from the film.

1. The DunKings, Dunkin’ Doughnuts

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe

There was a time two decades ago when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were practically run out of Hollywood for starring in a terrible movie together. Flash forward to 2024, and the duo now has this year’s best Super Bowl ad. This was a callback to Lopez’s guest appearance in Affleck’s ad last year. So this year, Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, and their friends burst in on J.Lo’s latest studio session to debut as The DunKings.

Lopez is less than impressed and probably drawing up divorce papers while Damon hilariously apologizes for playing any role in this. This almost makes all of those Bennifer stories worth it.

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