3 women traveling from Texas to Mexico have been missing for 2 weeks


Authorities say three women have been missing for two weeks on a business trip from Texas to Mexico.

The women, Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz, 53, Marina Pérez Ríos, 48, and Maritza Trinidad Pérez Ríos, 47, have been missing since February 25, according to the Mexico State Local Commission for the Search for Persons, according to missing persons posters. Nuevo Leon.

Local population search commission

PHOTO: Missing poster for Maritza Trinidad Pérez Rios

Local population search commission

Two of the women are from Penitas, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border, Penitas Police Chief Roel Bermea told ABC Rio Grande Valley affiliate KRGV. The three men left on Feb. 24 to go to a flea market in Montemorelos, Nuevo León, he told the station.

According to the Associated Press, Saenz is friends with the Rios sisters.

PHOTO: The Lost Poster of Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz.

Local population search commission

Penitas police began investigating their disappearance after the husband of one of the missing women contacted the department, Bermea said. Despite not being contacted for several days, his investigator contacted the FBI “to see what they could do,” the chief said.

“We contacted the FBI to let them know that the ladies were considered missing,” Burmey told KRGV, adding that “there’s not much we can do” about a missing person in another country.

The FBI confirmed in a statement to KRGV that it is aware of the case, but “no information is being released at this time.”

According to Nuevo León’s attorney general’s office, which is investigating, US authorities did not intervene in the search because the women were Mexican nationals living in the United States, not US citizens.

PHOTO: Investigators in Mexico are searching for three women who disappeared in late February in the area between China, Nuevo León and Mendez, Tamaulipas.

Investigators in Mexico are searching for three women who disappeared in late February in an area between Nuevo León, China, and Mendez, Tamaulipas state.

Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Nuevo León

Drones, all-terrain vehicles and dogs have been dispatched to search, according to a statement from Nuevo León’s attorney general’s office on Tuesday, which said the search was ongoing every day. Investigators have coordinated with authorities in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas to intensify the search because the women’s families “believed the incident happened there,” the office said.

News of their disappearance comes after the four Americans were abducted on March 3 shortly after crossing the border into Matamoros, Mexico, a town in Tamaulipas, south of Brownsville, Texas. Two Americans, including one, have traveled to the area. cosmetic procedure, was rescued on March 7, but two were found dead. Five members of the Gulf Cartel have been charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder.

Bermea told KRGV that this is the first time they are investigating a disappearance in another country.

PHOTO: In a screen grab from the video, Penitas Police Chief Roel Burmy gives an interview.

In this screenshot from the video, Penitas Police Chief Roel Bermea is interviewed.


“We’re just worried,” he told the station. “We haven’t had any other incidents like this in any other country that I can remember.”

The women were traveling in a mid-1990s green Chevy Silverado, authorities said. Anyone with information is asked to contact the FBI or the Penitas Police Department at 956-581-3345.

ABC News’ Victoria Beaule and Anne Laurent contributed to this report.

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