49ers QB Brock Purdy ‘not completely content’ with perfect passer rating in win over Buccaneers

After stumbling during the Niners’ three-game skid, Purdy has bounced back the past two weeks. The QB said he used the bye week to get back on track.

“It’s the NFL, anything can happen on any Sunday, and that’s like the chip that I was talking about,” Purdy said, per ESPN. “So, sort of getting back to that and proving myself every drive, every play that I can be the guy for this team and I have to earn it every single week at practice, meetings, wherever it may be. That’s the mindset of what I was talking about and definitely more in tune and being detailed the last couple weeks and finding that chip again.”

Asked about earning the perfect passer rating, Purdy quipped: “I still don’t even really know what it means.”

Passer rating is an imperfect stat, but it does highlight the stellar player Purdy has displayed this season. Yes, he sometimes puts the ball in harm’s way, but in this offense, he’s pushing the Niners to new heights.

“There’s always going to be critics,” running back Christian McCaffrey said, per ESPN. “He knows that. Everybody in here knows that, and I like when he plays a little bit edgy with a chip on his shoulder. I kind of hope the critics just keep coming because it pisses him off and he plays really well.”

For the year, Purdy leads the NFL in completion percentage (70.2), yards per attempt (9.7), and passer rating (116.1) and is tied for 3rd in TD-INT ratio (18-5).

“Perfect game? Wow,” defensive end Nick Bosa said, per ESPN. “I’m never surprised anymore with him. He’s as good as it gets.”

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