5 Healthy Foods Worth Buying at Costco


Costco is a great store with an impressive variety of products, including healthy snacks that everyone from kids to adults will love. If you are looking for healthy food for all budgets, Costco is a great place to check. You’ll find many of your favorite brands here, and some have snack options for easy portability.

If you’re looking for ideas for healthy snacks (beyond fruits and vegetables) you can pick up at Costco, the following list has snacks that will satisfy your appetite, whether you have a savory or sweet tooth. Since Costco is known to carry different items to different locations, you should check your local store to see what they have in stock.


Satisfy your chocolate cravings by purchasing a pack of these healthy snacks. You get four individually wrapped chocolates that are the perfect size to throw in your backpack, lunch box or purse. At 180 calories per packet, it’s also low in sugar and a good choice if you like salty and sweet and don’t mind coconut. I’ve tried several flavors of ChocXO and one of my other favorites is the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – which would be a great choice for Costco.


Both adults and children will enjoy Whisps Cheese Crisps. They are available in Parmesan and Cheddar flavors at Costco in variety packs. These 100-calorie snacks are made with pure cheese and are a good source of calcium and protein. Besides eating, you can get creative and use Whisps Cheese Crisps to garnish your salads or soups. They’re individually wrapped, so it’s easy to throw one in a lunchbox or slip into a purse or backpack.


For a cracker that tastes better than your standard saltine, try Crunchmaster Multigrain Crackers. They’re made with sesame, flax, quinoa, amaranth, millet and chia and contain 140 calories per serving. They’re gluten-free and light and crunchy, making them a great snack to pair with your favorite fruits and cheeses or on their own. These packets don’t come in individual bags, so if you plan to pack some, you’ll need to put them in a snack bag.


Protein is an important macronutrient that should not be neglected because it forms the building blocks of your muscles. A simple way to add extra protein to your diet is to use the Protein Snack Box. The Variety Pack consists of beef in a variety of individually wrapped flavors and sizes from Jack Link and Lorisa’s kitchen. You can choose from Jack Links Classic Beef or experiment with Lorissa’s Korean BBQ Beef Strips or Jalapeno Beef Sticks.

You can’t go wrong with this variety pack to soak up the protein throughout the day. Protein servings range from 6 to 17 grams depending on the broth you choose. They’re all individually wrapped, making it easy to pop them into your kid’s lunch box, glove compartment for on-the-go snacks, or backpack on the way to work.


If you like fruit peels or dried fruit, you’ll love That’s It Mini Fruit Bars. These dried fruits come in three flavors: mango, blueberry and strawberry. The brand prides itself on making products with only real fruit with no added sugar. At 60 calories per bar, they’re a great snack to get your daily fruit intake, plus they pack 2-3 grams of fiber per serving. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and allergen-free, making them safe snacks for kids to take to school.

They’re also individually wrapped and small enough to fit in my lunch box, gym bag, or desk for a quick grab-and-go.

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