A California man has been arrested after allegedly throwing a dog over a fence


A man has been charged after leaving a dog on a cell phone tower in Riverside County, California last month.

“Robert Ruiz Jr., 30, was arrested by Riverside County Animal Services officers and booked on animal cruelty and misdemeanor charges,” Fox 11 reported Thursday.

On December 15, the suspect threw his dog over the barbed wire fence at Winchester Tower, according to surveillance footage from the incident.

The suspect was seen wearing a hoodie, shorts and white shoes, carrying a brown and white dog and then throwing it over a fence. As the animal passed, its hind legs seemed to stick to the fence:

The dog was seen walking towards the fence and watching the man walk away. The video also shows officers arresting Ruiz Jr.

After the incident, Animal Services veterinarians treated the pit bull mix and it was adopted by a young woman last week.

CONGRATULATIONS! The pit bull mix shown in the video died after being thrown over an 8-foot fence…

Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2023 by ABC7

Other video footage shows the dog walking on a leash. When someone calls, he wags his tail:

Disclaimer ⚠️ Watching animal abuse videos is harmful in nature. There is justice for a poor helpless puppy whose former “owner” was ARRESTED, convicted of felony animal cruelty and a misdemeanor., Robert Ruiz Jr., 30, thanks to the dog’s microchip data! The puppy now has a cute home 🐶! ABC7

Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne, Montebello, Thursday, January 12, 2023.

According to the Spruce Pets website, pit bull dogs are generally muscular, stocky animals with large, square heads.

“They are known dogs. If a task is given, it is not given easily, whether it is learning a new trick or digging a hole. And they generally like people, including strangers, and need attention,” the site says.

When Ruiz was arrested at a residence in Winchester, officers also seized a young female pit bull mix from the home.

“Officers believe Ruiz abandoned the second dog and animal services officials are trying to locate that other dog,” Fox 11 reported.

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