A Colorado mother is suing a school that recruited sixth-graders to a secret after-school gender and sexuality club.


A Colorado mother says her daughter was part of a group of sixth-graders recruited into a fraudulent after-school “art” club.

“When she got there, she quickly learned that it was really a gender and sexuality awareness club,” Erin Lee told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on Tuesday.

“That day, the art teacher invited an outside teacher to the class, and this woman did some completely unthinkable things with the children.”

A host at her daughter’s supposed art club asked her for sex and suggested she was transgender, her mother says.

An image of the Pride Progress flag, which includes the colors of the Transgender Pride flag. (Photos via Mike Kemp/Getty Images)

Lee explained that the guest host used flags to describe “general terms” and told students that they are transgender if they are not completely comfortable with their biological sex. The presenter also told the students that if they had not yet come to terms with their sexuality, they could describe themselves as “musts”.

“He told them about polyamory. He told them that the new symptoms they had just received made them more likely to commit suicide and talked to them at length about suicide,” he continued.

The mother said the high school invited her daughter to a secret LGBTQ club, telling students to keep information from their parents.


A man wears a gender neutral pronoun jacket during the Rainbow Runway for Equality to kick off Pride Month at Central World Mall on June 1, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. ((Photo by Lauren DeZica/Getty Images))

The speaker also discussed puberty blockers and sex hormones, warning attendees that their parents may not be “safe” people struggling with certain identities.

“She (the speaker) runs an organization called Skittles for kids between the ages of five and eleven to discuss gender and sexuality,” Lee said, noting that she was recruited by her daughter’s art teacher. take the side and tell him that “you don’t need to tell your parents. .”


Lee said other parents who complained didn’t know about the secret after-school club until a year ago, their children played by the rules and refused to tell anyone what happened. spent in meetings.

Pam Bondi, a former Florida attorney general, said it was important to demand “accountability” and “transparency” that would protect the interests of families in the case against the school.


“It’s done by taxpayer-funded teachers,” he said. “We want to send a national message to these school systems, to these parents and to these school boards that parents are in charge of their children, not these teachers, and we’re going to give them the tools they need, our parents, to protect them. doctrine and all the foolish things they do.”

Faulkner said the county did not respond to the lawsuit’s request for comment.

Lee first made the allegations last year against Wellington High School and Poudre School District, about 70 miles north of Denver. The Poudre School District confirmed the existence of the club and that conversations “may be confidential,” but declined to address the specific allegations made by Lee “to protect the privacy of the student and his family.”

“At PSD, we are committed to creating and supporting equitable, inclusive and rigorous educational opportunities, outcomes and experiences for all students,” the district said in a statement to Fox News Digital last May. “As a district, we are committed to making our schools safe spaces where all students can learn.

“Gender and Sexuality Alliances, or GSAs, are designed to be a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, their allies, and anyone else who wants to come together to provide inclusivity, safety, and support. “Discussions in GSA are sometimes sensitive (ie, a student may be ‘out’ with certain friends, but not with the community as a whole),” he continued. “At PSD, a GSA club can be student-sponsored, started/run/directed by a student and an adult who attends meetings; or school-sponsored, initiated/led/directed by an adult. Wellington High School is sponsored by the school.”

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