A Fox News host tries to reinvent the Statue of Liberty with Wild Take


In “The Five,” McCallum detailed a New York Post article that described complaints by an employee of the Row NYC Hotel, who allegedly provided New York City-funded housing and food. York to migrants staying there.

The employee described the migrants “throwing so much food”, covering the room with drinking vessels and fighting in the hotel.

“When I read this story, it’s true, I think [Emma] Lazarus’ poem for the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, poor, huddled, longing to breathe free,” said McCallum, who later reinvented the statue as a symbol of welcoming immigrants.

He added: “I think when he hears that the food isn’t what they want, the Statue of Liberty is going to be a little bit torn from the head, and there are people in these hotels, and accordingly chaos. reporter, sex, fights, and domestic violence are taking place in the corridor. What’s going on?”

(H/T Media Matters to America)


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