A giant “Toadzilla” found in Australia may be the largest in history


Video Courtesy: Queensland Government via Storyful

Queensland, Australia (WCIA) – Queensland, Australia government officials have shared a video of what may be the largest frog in recorded history.

The Queensland Government said rangers were carrying out roadworks in Conway National Park near Airlie Beach when they found the giant reptile. When the ranger got out of the vehicle and looked down, the department said he “gasped” when he saw the large reed bud.

“We nicknamed him Toadzilla and quickly put him in a container to get him out of the wild,” the ranger said.

They added that “a cane toad of this size will eat anything it can fit in its mouth, including insects, reptiles and small mammals.”

Courtesy of the Queensland Government

Weighing in at 2.7 kilograms, or less than 6 pounds, they believe the frog could be a new record. Rangers said they thought the frog was a female because they grow larger than the males.

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