A new bill in Tennessee would allow for larger classrooms in schools


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new bill introduced in the Legislature would put class size control in the hands of local school districts, not the Tennessee Department of Education.

Sen. John Lundberg (R-Bristol): “We’re not saying, ‘Hey, there are big classes.’ “It’s frankly stupid, stupid. But localities should be able to determine the maximum class size.

Introduced by Sen. John Lundberg (R-Bristol). SB0197it eliminates state-mandated class size maximums and removes the statewide ban on “multilevel” classrooms that span more than one grade level.

Instead, school districts can set their own class size maximums for each grade level, and the Department of Education issues a “guideline” that districts use to set those class sizes.

“The state produces best practices and research shows,” Lundberg said. “But LEAs determine class sizes.”

The decision is part of a larger battle between state and local control of education. Democrats often favor local control.

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