A New York Democratic assemblyman has been accused of sexual harassment


The former legislative director of the New York Democratic Assembly has accused him of sexual harassment and making inappropriate claims about his son having sex with minors. New York Post reported on Friday.

Former legislative director Nicole Golias filed a lawsuit against 38-year-old Rep. Pat Burke (D-Buffalo) on April 1 with the New York Division of Human Rights after she and two other staffers were fired last year amid an internal dispute. Regarding Burke’s response to the mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket.

The complaint alleges that Golias Burke “made comments about his son having sex after watching.” some video tapes of his son.

“He said the girls in the videos were ‘sexy and it didn’t matter if they were underage’ (sic)’,” according to the complaint, first reported by the Buffalo News. “He said, ‘If she’s got big breasts, a size zero and a big ass, she’s hot.’

Golias went on to say that Burke called himself a “colonizer” and that he had “control and dominance over his wife because he is Caucasian and his wife is Puerto Rican.”

Golias, who worked at Burke for less than a year before being fired, also says Burke “talked to my male colleagues about the genitalia of the person I was dating.”

“He’s doing everything he can to look cool and attractive,” Golias told the Buffalo News, noting the Assembly is investigating the allegations. “And I don’t know if he wanted to convince others or himself. But it turned into completely inappropriate behavior.

– said Burke Post office On Friday, he found the allegations “very upsetting”.

“You are talking about unreliable people. There is very clear and abundant evidence of their unbelief. At the end of the day, there’s no evidence other than what they’re saying, and that’s what I’ve continued to do,” he said, before accusing Golias and his former public relations manager, Matt Dearing. creating an unprofessional work environment.

“It’s their last ditch effort to get revenge for being caught,” Burke added. “The charges are outrageous and false. It is very sad that they want to bring my child there and harm him.

Burke also allegedly released documents to the publication showing the trio of fired employees made inappropriate jokes, including on “official Assembly letterhead,” which he noted could not immediately be verified.

This was reported by Dearing, a candidate for local office Post office he saw Burke’s behavior as described by Golias in the complaint. Golias did not return the Post’s request for comment.

“He was a bartender before he was elected,” Deering said. “It’s not a shadow of the bartenders. But I think he comes from a certain cultural background where that kind of comment was OK and people didn’t know how to turn it off in contexts where they disagreed with it.

Daring noted that the claim is interesting given that Burke was one of the first Democratic lawmakers to ask former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced.

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