A Washington official exploded when a member objected to a sex offender joining the group


A Washington state board member was fired on May 3 after he said he didn’t want a sex offender on his committee.

During an online meeting chaired by Shani Colston, co-chair of the King County Regional Homeless Authority, a vote was taken to approve potential members of the Guardianship Advisory Committee. New York Post reported on Thursday.

One of the contestants was Thomas Whitaker-Raven Crofoot, and board member Kristina Sawicki, a victim of sexual assault, was concerned about her joining the group.

“We have a code of ethics on this board and Thomas Whitaker-Raven Crofoot is a sex offender – a repeat sex offender – and I had a bad experience with him,” the military veteran explained.

However, Colston stood firm and defended the man. He seemed to want to hide his past, saying: “We are not here to find out about people’s origins.”

He added: “I’m really glad he’s here because sex offenders are another vulnerable population who don’t have a home. People change.”

The video sequence captures moments of tension between people during the meeting:

Homeless Council Defends Sex Offender

The co-chairman of the King County Regional Homeless Authority Committee defended the appointment of a registered sex offender to the committee. But the committee includes one of his alleged victims. When the victim spoke, he let out a loud scream. Now KCRHA is trying to remove the co-chairman. (NOTE: Language)

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What appears to be a profile on Colston appears on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website. He describes her as a behavioral issues manager who “has her clients’ best interests at heart and gives hope to those who don’t.”

“Shane chooses to work with the most marginalized, vulnerable and underserved single men and women 18 and older in King County,” the profile reads.

Appropriate WorkWhitaker has previous convictions for lewd communication with a minor, harboring a 13-year-old boy with whom he had sex, and has been charged with child molestation.

During the meeting, Sawicki said the man touched her and told the others that if he was among them, she would not be able to attend meetings in the future.

Colston, however, tried to silence him: “If anyone wants to talk like that, you’re going to be silenced by a board member or in public and you’re going to be kicked out of this meeting.”

“It’s about justice and everyone deserves a home. “I don’t care if they’re a sex offender, if they’re black, if they’re born, if they’re a felon. Even if they’re out of prison, they all deserve housing,” he shouted.

Social network users expressed their opinion Workthe story of an individual in writing, “Washington State Politician Sympathizes with Pedophile? No, this is not possible.

“Idiocy continues to reign supreme in Washington State. People get exactly what they voted for over and over again,” said another he answered.

Colston was asked to resign after a heated argument.

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