Actress Kate Henshaw calls out Lagos doctor of allegedly deflowered his wife’s 15-year-old niece, and threatened her not to tell anyone


Actress Kate Henshaw called a doctor in Lagos that she allegedly deflowered her wife’s 15-year-old niece and threatened her not to tell anyone, #Actress #Kate #Henshaw #calls #Lagos #doctor #allegedly #deflowered #wives #15yearold #niece # threatened Welcome it BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw has called out popular doctor Femi Olaleye for allegedly raping his wife’s 15-year-old niece and threatened her not to tell anyone.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kate Henshaw said Dr. Femi Olaleye opened up to her about having an affair with a woman, which his wife found out about. Unbeknownst to (Kate), the “woman” in question is actually a 15-year-old child, his wife’s niece.

According to Kate, she worked with Dr. Femi Olaleye, founder of Optimal Healthcare Company, years after he approached her and asked her to work with his medical foundation to advocate for cancer.

She said she recently attended one of the advocacy events where women were to get free screenings and asked Dr. Femi about his wife who was absent.

She stated that Dr. Femi told her that they were separated and that he tried to demonize her.

Kate said the doctor informed her that his wife had seduced him by bringing a woman into the house despite knowing his weakness and he had intercourse with the woman.

Kate subsequently received information from Dr. Femi’s wife, who revealed that the “woman” in question was a minor.

Kate said she then texted Dr. Femi in which she berated his actions but he responded and denied that he had confessed to her that he had sexual relations with the minor.

Kate attacked the doctor on Instagram, insisting he confessed to her, and she vowed to make sure he was brought to book.

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