Adam Levine Is Being Accused Of Sending Flirtatious Instagram Messages To Models


Adam Levine is currently accused of sending flirty messages on Instagram to two other models. Soon after Sumner Stroh’s alleged affair, which Adam Levine has since denied, allegedly went viral, a woman named Alyson Rosef reportedly shared her alleged direct messages to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, including one allegedly sent to her from him, which read: I shouldn’t be conversing with you, you know [that] right?

In a green TikTok video on Monday that included a screenshot, Alyson Rosef guaranteed that she had “a lot more” messages but chose not to share them because they were “not appropriate” and “she felt really embarrassed to post everything. A ton of my friends knew and were shocked, she said, adding, I think if there’s another girl he’s been seeing… I just think they should put it out there because I feel really bad for his wife and nobody deserves that . In another TikTok green screen, Alyson Rosef shared a screenshot of another alleged conversation with the performer, which showed Adam Levine allegedly telling her he’s hooked, using a fish on a fishing rod emoji.

Adam Levine is reportedly accused of sending allegedly flirtatious Instagram messages to two other models

Adam Levine has been accused of sending flirtatious messages to TikTok influencers. Adam Levine was recently accused of cheating on his wife Behati Prinsloo with an Instagram model who vouched for the singer allegedly dating her for a year and later also asked if he could name his child after her. The Maroon 5 singer issued a statement denying the cheating allegations, but also acknowledged that he allegedly crossed the line during one period. Following something similar, reports suggest that two other models have now accused Adam Levine of sending them flirtatious DMs. As per Page Six, after Sumner Stroh’s claim went viral, a lady named Alyson Rosef also forwarded her alleged direct messages to the Maroon 5 singer. One of the messages Adam Levine allegedly sent Rosef said: I shouldn’t be talking to you. [that] right? In a TikTok video, Rosef claimed to have significantly more messages but chose not to share them because they were inappropriate.

According to Page Six , comedian Maryka took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to vent her supposed DM to Adam Levine, who wrote and shared a message that read: I’m obsessed with you right now. The alleged conversation between Maryka and him further caused the comedian to ask for some information about his marriage, which he allegedly agreed to, yes, but it’s a bit complicated. Apparently Stuff hardens and the video didn’t help matters. I might move out. Regarding Sumner Stroh’s allegations, Adam Levine reported that I did not have an affair, but I did cross the line in my lifetime. In specific cases it has become inappropriate. I dealt with it and took a proactive approach to healing with my family. The singer is currently expecting his third child with his wife Behati Prinsloo.

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