AMLO has described García Luna’s trial as a “drama” and believes that no convincing evidence has yet been presented.


Federal government reports on progress in Garcia Luna trial. (Information)

President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) expressed his opinion on the fourth day of the trial, although he was the first to present the charges against the former Security Secretary. Genaro Garcia Lunaaccused USA (USA) on charges of conspiracy with organized crime.

Despite his declaration Sergio Villarreal The older one expands the official investigation against the “super police” before the court Felipe CalderonAndres Manuel, like other officials, confirmed that the statements have not yet produced solid evidence.

Therefore, the head of the Federal Executive Agency, García Luna, described the progress in the case as a “tragi-comedy” and “courtroom drama“. This, despite the fact that he had called a few minutes before “shame” A conviction that emerged as one of the highest level politicians of Calderonism.

Garcia Luna is accused of taking bribes from a millionaire in the drug trade.  (Reuters/Jane Rosenberg)
Garcia Luna is accused of taking bribes from a millionaire in the drug trade. (Reuters/Jane Rosenberg)

“He had a double function, according to the accusations (…) he served organized crime and received money for it,” the president said at a press conference, referring to the evidence against the former official of the neighboring country. .

“His lawyers (Garcia Luna) say he is innocent; their accusers have no evidence; that they are using protected witnesses with criminal records who have been deported to the U.S. and are using that as evidence.”

“Until now there is no reliable evidence (…) His accomplices, some people who worked with him are already being talked about. But this is a court drama, a tragicomedy”

With this in mind, Tabasqueño reported that in the morning Details of each date of the trial against Genaro Garcia Luna will be announced. He explained that this event “does not happen overnight or so that people don’t know,” he added: “Honestly, we don’t trust the media.”

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The president called the trial against the former security secretary accused of drug trafficking “disgraceful”.

Elsewhere, López Obrador endorsed three hypotheses raised by Calderón Hinojosa’s alleged involvement with García Luna. Against this tenor and in response to press inquiries, heYes, Calderon could not have known “ on the movement of his former security secretary.

“There are special conditions that should be noted (…) Yes, they may not have known or they may have known but did not care,” he said.

Finally, the chief executive did not deny that the United States had requested information from Mexico, but explained that it was responsible for the matter. Prosecutor General of the Republic (FGR). Instead, he claimed his government was trying to “collect money” allegedly stolen by Garcia Luna, which he said was $700 million.

“We are trying to raise money. A $700 million lawsuit is underway in Florida. The lawyers (Garcia Luna) said that Mexico had no reason to sue and that the court in Florida agreed with us.

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