Andrew Tate controversial comments Explained as influencer banned from Instagram and Facebook


Controversial online influencer and self-described sexist Andrew Tate has been banned from Meta platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Former kickboxer and reality TV star Andrew Tate has been removed for abuse and violating Meta’s policies on dangerous associations and people, the company confirmed the news via email.

Andrew Tate rose to prominence after appearing on a TV show called Big Brother in 2016, when he was kicked out of the TV series after a video surfaced of him hitting a lady outside the show. Since then, she has received black floggings for her posts on social media platforms, which domestic abuse charities have called “outrageous sexism”. In 2017, he expressed on Twitter that women have their place in the home and that rape victims are responsible for assaulting them, after which Twitter permanently banned him from the stage.

Andrew Tate has gained a following for his male recommendation videos, with a significant number of them falling into the chauvinistic domain. In one YouTube video, Andrew Tate portrayed himself as “absolutely misogynist”. He said I’m a realist and if you’re a realist you’re a misogynist. It is absolutely impossible for you to actually settle down and not be misogynistic.

Andrew Tate banned from Instagram and Facebook for misogynistic content

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has been banned from Facebook and Instagram, Meta confirmed to CBS News on Friday. Andrew Tate, 35, was pulled from two social media platforms for disobeying Meta’s policies regarding dangerous organizations and individuals, according to Meta. The former professional kickboxer had 4.7 million followers on his Instagram account before the ban, according to the BBC.

discussing the band on a Twitch stream with famous steamer Adin Ross, he said he doesn’t know exactly why he was banned from the stages and is confident of fair treatment. I am not angry with them in any way, he said. It is anything but a great misfortune to me. It’s not something I use very often. Still, in all reality, I understand their situation.

The 35-year-old has time and again shared violent sentiments targeting women and marginalized groups. Recently, police raided his home in Romania as part of a sex-trafficking investigation after a lady said she was being held there against her wishes. The investigation is still ongoing, however the raid has prompted two ladies to recover. Before moving to Romania, he stated that he moved there because it was easier to avoid rape charges in Eastern European countries.

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