Animals That Lay Eggs And Also Produce Milk


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The act of breastfeeding is so fundamental to being a mammal that we named ourselves after it. (“Mammals” translates as “breasts.”) But over time, scientists discovered that other animals also produce nutrient-rich elixirs to feed their young.

Several species of birds, notably pigeons, flamingos and penguins, produce a substance from their crop lining (a muscular pouch near the throat where food is temporarily stored) known as crop milk. As reports, both men and women produce plant-based milk. Crop milk bears little physical resemblance to mammalian milk. Crop milk is a semi-solid substance that resembles light yellow cottage cheese. It is extremely high in protein and fat.

1. Jumping spider

According to, some species of spiders, despite their creepy and crawly appearance, are extremely caring parents. Even more impressively, the jumping spider nurses its young much like mammals, feeding its spiders a nutritious milk that contains four times more protein than cow’s milk.

2. Flamingos produce something called cereal milk, which comes from the bird’s digestive tract, and they use it to keep the chicks full and happy. Adult flamingos regurgitate the harvested milk and then slide it down into the open beak of their offspring to be devoured.

3. Penguins

In some penguins, especially emperor penguins, the male will care for the young for several weeks while the female hunts and devours prey. During this time, the male produces a secretion that sustains the young and ensures its survival.

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