Another community in California is mourning the second mass shooting in 48 hours that left 11 dead


Amna Nawaz:

That’s right, Jeff.

I mean, just today we learned from the Los Angeles coroner’s office that all the victims in Monterey Park were between the ages of 57 and 76. We also learn more about the shooter and his life from people who have come forward. share stories in various news reports.

But the biggest problem here is, first, the weapon, the semi-automatic pistol he used, which has a high-capacity extended magazine. These firearms have been illegal and banned in California for decades. Officials say they will investigate when, how and where they got it.

I also spoke with Monterey Park Police Chief Scott Wiese. He said the biggest question for him is the motive of who could have committed such an act. He said that since the shooter is now dead, he will never be able to answer that question.

However, we have a very special guest joining us for this and more. Erika Moritsugu is Deputy Assistant to President Biden and Senior White House Liaison for the Asian American Pacific Community.

Erica, you’re welcome. Thank you for being here.

Erica Moritsugu, Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Liaison for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Thank you, Amna. Thank you for hosting me.


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