Anthony Fantano Addresses Drake Beef, What Happened Between Them?


Drake revealed his own feud with music critic Anthony Fantan on Instagram on Friday, September 16. The rapper posted an angry DM he sent to Anthony Fantan on his Instagram Story after the critic, who is a famous YouTuber, pretended to get a recipe for veggie cookies from him. Your existence is bright 1. And 1 is because you’re alive, the messages Drake sent allegedly read and mimicked the style of Anthony Fantan’s 10th review.

What’s more, because you somehow married a black woman. I feel light to decent about your existence. Anthony Fantano recently recorded Drake’s latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, and 10’s ‘Not Good’ in June. It’s unclear why the Canadian artist decided to send Anthony Fantano his rebuke now. On Thursday, September 15, Anthony Fantano describes himself as an ‘internet music nerd’ and released a video titled Drake Slid Into My DMs. In any case, Fantano took the opportunity to parody the messages he received, sharing a fake DM that showed Drake offering the critic a recipe for vegan cookies.

Drake and music critic Anthony Fantano Feud explained

Anthony Fantano, a YouTuber who portrays himself as “the internet’s biggest music nerd,” rarely has a good word to say about rap superstar Drake. Anthony Fantano, who posts album reviews to his 2.63 million subscribers on TheNeedledrop channel, gave Drake’s latest album Honestly, Nevermind a ‘Not Good’ score out of 10 in June. He even recently teased Drake by uploading a parody video of him, as she sends him directly on Instagram. The parody became a reality Thursday night, anyway, when the rap sensation posted his real-life DM to Anthony Fantan in an Instagram story. ‘Your existence is a bright 1. Also a 1 is because you’re alive,’ Drake reportedly wrote, mocking Fantan’s scoring system for album reviews. And cause you somehow married a black woman. I feel light to decent about your existence.

Anthony Fantano

It’s somewhat unusual to see superstars come out for their critics in the DM, especially since it’s never worked out in their favor — however, Fantano hasn’t exactly taken the high road from this point, posting screenshots on his own Instagram. While the music critic didn’t respond to Drake directly on Instagram, he had plenty of words for the rap star on Twitter and on Instagram Live. Basically what happened was, for no apparent reason to me, Drake was in his feelings, as he usually is, Fantano expressed. That’s his whole thing… it was a bit of a diss. A shrill little DM, very unhappy and pitiful. He also defended his videos on his live stream, saying that I’m literally just offering my opinions on music.

Fantano didn’t go any further, however, cockily stating on Twitter, “That bitch shared a DM with a salty ass to over 100 million people. He referred to Drake as “obsessed” with him and was proud to have the artist read like “so many ladies from the past. Fantano similarly took Drake’s report as a low-level insult because he didn’t hire a ghostwriter. Champagne Papi aka Drake didn’t seem to respond to Fantan’s recent barrage of comments yet.

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