Anti-LGBT slurs found on campus by students were written by students protesting its free speech policies


Anti-LGBT slurs found on fliers and scrawled in chalk on the MIT campus recently were part of a false-flag campaign by students upset over new free-speech policies, according to a university investigation. ‘school.

According to a College Fix report, the MIT students behind the anti-LGBT flyers and chalk messages were protesting the university’s new free speech policy.

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“The point they’re making is that they shouldn’t be allowed to say that,” said Peter Bonilla, executive director of the MIT Free Speech Alliance.

The anti-LGBT slurs come two months after MIT faculty introduced a resolution protecting free speech and expression, even if people find it “offensive or harmful.”

A Feb. 23 memo from MIT administrators said the fliers and chalk messages “contain profanity directed at the LBGTQ+ community,” but did not disclose the content of the fliers and chalk.

After MIT’s Bias Response Team investigated the flyers and chalked messages, it was determined that “the messages were spread by students who chose extreme speech to gain attention.” to focus on and protest what they see as the consequences of the new freedom of speech. campus policies and efforts.

“The derogatory chalk and flyers were grouped together as part of a larger collection of flyers that expressed a wide range of comments, many of which were provocative,” said Susie Nelson, dean of student life and John Dozier Institute Community and Capital Manager. in the memo.

“We were told that the flyers were intended to test the limits of MIT’s commitment to free speech and to determine how well that commitment is consistent with MIT policies, including policies on harassment,” the statement said.

MIT spokeswoman Kimberly Allen told College Fix that MIT President Sally Kornbluth calls for a culture of respectful speech that can coexist with a strong endorsement of free speech.

Campus leaders work to “create a variety of opportunities to engage and inspire people on campus to learn, practice, and model the skills necessary to express ourselves confidently, constructively, and respectfully, and to listen to one another. others through differences,” Allen said.

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