Apple Receives Patent for Light-Resistant Foldable Display Technology: Report


Apple last week was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a multi-layered flip phone. The Cupertino company is believed to use foldable display technology in future iPhone and iPad models. He would have previously received other patents related to foldable screens. This latest patent mentions a unique coating layer for a foldable display that could be used in future iPhone, iPad and Mac releases. This coating layer is also said to have anti-reflective properties.

According to a report from PatentlyApple, the USPTO granted Apple a patent under patent number US-20230011092-A1. The patent covers a layered structure for curved, flexible and foldable displays. The flexible screen is said to be protected by a coating layer. This layer consists of a transparent support substrate and a hard coating layer.

The hard coat layer is said to have a higher tensile strength and stiffness, allowing it to withstand greater stress before failure compared to a clear backing layer. Apple would have said in the patent that cracks in screens usually start with micro-cracks.

This hard coating layer is designed to fill these micro cracks before they start a large crack in the screen. Apple’s patent claims that the hard coating layer also has reflective properties. It is said to be additionally coated with a stain-resistant coating.

According to an earlier report, Apple has been granted a patent for a self-healing foldable display. This technology is designed to help restore your foldable screen from scratches and dents. The report also states that self-healing should take effect in the affected area without external prompting.

Apple is believed to release a foldable iPad before a foldable iPhone. However, the foldable iPad is expected to arrive in 2025.

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