Are Deschamps and Zidane at war? A loud exit


According to former French goalkeeper Pascal Olmeta, there would be no animosity between Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane.

It has ended Zinedine Zidane’s hopes of staying on the sidelines for the Blues for a short period of time since France boss Didier Deschamps announced his contract extension until 2026. about something called enmity between two people.

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But although they are not necessarily friends in real life, the two 98 world champions respect each other, says Pascal Olmeta. “I hear right and left, they don’t like each other. It makes me laugh. Above all, they are two great athletes, two intelligent people. They have respect for each other. The locker room then represents a community of individuals. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. That’s right.” The former doorman said this in an interview with the newspaper Parisian.

“There was never any twisted footage”

To add the olmeta: “But the lack of closeness shown should not be a shortcut to the alleged hostility between the two. The same goes for Zizou and Didier. There was never a dirty trick between these two great champions. (…) I have never heard one of them belittle the other or say derogatory things. Those around people who are prone to anticipatory resistance. »


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