Are Frank Ocean And Omar Apollo Dating? Twitter Viral Picture


Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo are all over social media as fans are convinced the two are dating. The singers openly talked about their sexual orientation. In no way did they address or hint at scraps of gossip about the pair being romantically involved. Fans have now volunteered to find out what’s going on, and a lot of them are sending it.

Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo dating rumors probably stemmed from a viral photo on Twitter. While the faces of the individuals are not obvious, in many cases they were captured as the vocalists toured Italy and Greece together. While neither of them discussed this pretty wild theory, Omar Apollo posted a few pictures from his last vacation that are full of Frank Ocean notes. The photos got fans wondering: Are the two dating? Here’s everything we know so far about the Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo dating rumors.

Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo Dating Rumors

Fans of the two R&B artists got to know the musicians as they toured Italy and Greece this past weekend. The two have even posted separate photos from the trip they are taking with companions. That in itself is a sad story. Two artists hanging out together with companions is a good time and not so much headline news. Still, the photos got fans thinking: Are the pair dating?

This isn’t the first time the two have been rumored to be dating. Last year, critics compared Omar Apollo’s evolving sound to that of the Blonded singer. Omar Apollo has been busy making music, performing and increasing his notoriety. The upcoming Frank Ocean is a VERY private person in the meantime. Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo didn’t categorize their sexual orientation, but they talked about being attracted to men. In an open letter shared on Tumblr in 2012, Frank Ocean discussed how he fell in love with a man.

I met someone four years ago. I was 19. He was. We spent that summer and the summer associated with him together. Consistently, and the day we were together, time flew. I saw him most of the day and his smile. When I understood in him that I was in love, it was vindictive. It was beyond repair. Meanwhile, Omar Apollo says he’s open about sex in his music, but was confused about introducing himself. I’m extremely open about it in my music and on Twitter. However, when it comes to characterizing me… being called gay is great. I haven’t the slightest idea. I’m complicated, he said.

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