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GANDHINAGAR: The Gujarat government will have spent close to Rs 1,000 crore for conducting the 2022 December assembly elections and the 2024 general elections expected to be held in the first half of the next year.
While the state spent Rs 470 crore on holding the 2022 assembly election, it has made a budgetary allocation of Rs 150 crore in this year’s state budget for the 2024 polls.Government sources said that an additional Rs 313.59 crore for next year’s polls is expected to be earmarked in the 2024-25 state budget.
“These are tentative figures, and the actual expenditure is expected to be higher than the projected amount. The government will end up spending over Rs 1,000 crore for conducting the assembly and the general elections in less than two years,” a senior government official stated.
Sources said that the cost of conducting elections has increased substantially over the years.
“The state government undertakes several projects to create awareness about voting, meanwhile updating electoral rolls is also a prolonged exercise. Besides, there are other expenses incurred for various activities. The cost is increasing by more than 50% every successive election,” sources said.
A provision of Rs 250 crore was made for holding the 2017 assembly election, but the actual expenditure was Rs 326 crore. Similarly, Rs 175 crore was earmarked for 2012, the actual expenditure was way higher, officials said.
“The actual cost to the exchequer for conducting a free and fair general election next year is expected to be higher than the allocation,” officials said.

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