Bandits Arrest A Thief In Katsina, Hand Him Over To Authorities For Appropriate Actions To Be Taken


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A group of bandits arrested the thief and handed him over to the authorities in Katsina State. According to a report by Sahara Reporters, the thief, who was said to be a specialist in pulling out metal bars and removing iron bars from abandoned buildings in Katsina village, was arrested by the bandits while they were on patrol on their motorcycle.

(Photo is illustrative).

In a video circulating on social media, the bandits were seen parading the thief and the items he allegedly stole.

But instead of killing the thief, the bandits warned him of the dangers of theft and then handed him over to the authorities for action.

Screenshots from the video:

Sahara Reporters noted that the bandits, who were carrying dangerous weapons, told the thieves: “Don’t you know that stealing is a crime? You are lucky we are turning you over to the authorities, we could have executed you for your involvement in criminal activity.”

The bandits later handed the thief over to the community commander and told him that he should make sure that the thief faced the full wrath of the law for his crime.

(Photo used to flesh out the story).

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