Bay Area eSports competition Genesis Gaming is back in business, bringing thousands to San Jose


SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — From the 2009 Castle at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds to Genesis 9 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The world’s biggest Super Smash Brothers community tournament is bringing thousands to the city center this weekend.

Edgard Sheleby of “n0ne” told ABC7 News, “This is one of the big tournaments. If you do well here, it probably means a lot.”

The story of Genesis Gaming is certainly significant in several ways. ABC7 News shared from last year’s Genesis 8 story.

Matthew Martinucci, vice president of sales and service for the San Jose team, highlighted the planned economic recovery and the city’s efforts to rebuild after years during the pandemic.

“Tonight, the restaurants are full, the hotels are full, the bars are full, there’s traffic at the airport,” Martinucci described. “For the people who live and work here, it’s going to have a huge economic impact on the city.”

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David Santos is co-owner and director of technology and esports at Guildhouse. He said the partnership with Genesis Gaming means additional hours and additional staff. Both are a great sight.

“Daily business has not fully recovered. At least not for companies like ours,” Santos said. “So it’s very useful if there are any outdoor activities in the city or conventions or whatever.”

Genesis Gaming will host approximately 5,000 people for the three-day tournament. Genesis celebrates 9 banner years, with competitors from 36 countries playing in the city.

“Not even the players, just the spectators,” Sheleby added. “There are people who come here to see their favorite players or personalities. It’s great to see him grow every year.”

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Speaking of big, Intel is the event’s newest corporate sponsor and is ready to take the Bay Area-born eSports competition to another level.

“You never think when you’re young and small 1: you can do this for a living. 2: Not to mention fans playing video games, Juan Debiedma, who goes by the nickname “Hungrybox,” told ABC7 News. “But we’re living in really special times.”

He continued, “I’m grateful to be able to do what I love and people love to see me do it.”

The tournament continues until Sunday, when the top eight players will battle it out to become the best player in the world. The winner will receive $75,000.

For 14-year-old Florida resident RJ Dodd, whose nickname is OG Kid, he’s enjoying the experience. The organizers said that he is the youngest commentator.

“The possibilities are truly endless,” Dodd explained. “You can take many paths. You can be a commentator, you can be a player, you can be behind the scenes to do all the work, you can be a TO to check all the players for their matches.

“There’s a lot of room to turn Smash into a full-time career,” he added.

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The event is sure to be a huge success for both the city of San Jose and the founders who created the competition and brought it to Silicon Valley.

Ken Silva, founder of Genesis Gaming, explained, “Most of our residents are young, tech-savvy people, coders, people who want to go to school in the area, so we know it’s the best. the place where we will be stationed.’

“And NorCal has a very strong history with us,” he said.

Here is a link to Genesis Gaming’s website.

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