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The former president says “peaceful demonstrations” are “part of democracy”.

Former Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro denied responsibility for the riots in the Brazilian capital on Sunday after President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused his right-wing predecessor of infusing his supporters with extremism.

“Peaceful protest in the form of law is part of democracy. However, as it stands today, the dilapidation and invasion of public buildings, as well as those used by the left in 2013 and 2017, are exempt from the rule. Bolsonaro tweeted After authorities regained control of government buildings occupied by rioters on Sunday evening.

“I deny without evidence the accusations leveled against me by the current executive director of Brazil.” Bolsonaro added without naming Lula. The former leader did not appear to legitimize the left’s victory by introducing himself days before Brazil’s traditional January 1 swearing-in ceremony.

Lula blamed what he described as the sun “unprecedented” committed violence against his sworn enemy and to arrest those responsible for the chaos “Payment by law” and promised to get to the bottom of it “who are the financiers” about disorder.

On Sunday, large groups of Bolsonaro supporters marched through the capital in another protest, repeating claims that Brazil’s electronic voting system is open to fraud and other allegations of voting irregularities. After reaching the Square of the Three Powers, where the three branches of government are located, the protesters broke through the barricades and stormed the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Planalto presidential palace.

As the authorities tried to quell the riots, the crows rampaged inside. The president, who was in São Paulo at the time, was forced to declare a state of emergency in the Federal District of Brazil and appointed Justice Minister Ricardo García Capelli as its head. “federal intervention”.

After hours of clashes and hundreds of arrests, police used tear gas and water cannons to take control of government buildings on Sunday evening. The justice minister announced that at least 200 people had been arrested and warned that arrests could continue overnight as authorities, he said, tried to identify all those involved in the crime. “terrorism” and action “to kick”.

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