Brad Pitt Is “Doing Great With Ines”

Brad Pitt has a girlfriend. Well, it seems he’s had a girlfriend, but now they’re attending public events together. Well, they’re not walking the red carpet together so much as, you know, being seen at the 12th annual LACMA Art+Film Gala at the same time. The important thing here is that Brad Pitt has a girlfriend. 

This was not the first time they’ve been spotted together. Pitt and Ines de Ramon went to Cabo around last New Year’s, and, prior to that, she attended the premiere after-party of Pitt’s recent flick Babylon. The tabloids identified her as a “jewelry exec,” and have noted she was the first major person in his life since his separation from Angelina Jolie. 

So, it’s by no means a new thing, but the anonymous sources have changed their tune. Nearly a year ago, certain unidentified voices, which I like to imagine as a Greek chorus, were singing softly to People, “They are dating and having fun. They have a good thing going on. There is no stress. Brad is enjoying it.” And now, the chorus is yodeling to the same publication, “[Pitt] introduces [Ramon] as his girlfriend,” and “is doing great with Ines.”

There you have it. Brad Pitt is doing great with Ines. They are attending industry parties together now, a sure mark of seriousness in a Tinseltown relationship, and the faceless chorus speaking on behalf of the actor is saying that he’s saying he has a “girlfriend”—a more tenuous, but still thrilling, development. 

Maybe it’s a little silly to be worrying over whether or not a man about to enter his 60s is “official” with the woman he’s seeing, but it’s to be expected. There is something deep in this culture’s core, down there in the same place that has made Hallmark movies so successful, that can only feel settled when a bachelor is settled. Just ask Brad Pitt’s fellow Oceans Eleven actor George Clooney.

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