Brahmastra: OTT streaming platform and release window rumours explained


New rumors are circulating online regarding the OTT streaming platform and digital home media release window for Brahmastra: Part One.

After an extremely long and demanding production, the highly anticipated film Brahmastra is finally opening in theaters worldwide.

Technically as of September 9thThursdayNeither the makers of Brahmastra nor the production studios associated with the film shared the OTT streaming plan for the film.

However, rumors of Brahmastra being released for OTT streaming are already circulating online from typically reputable sources – here’s everything fans need to know.

Brahmastra: OTT Streaming Rumors Explained

As mentioned, neither the OTT streaming platform partner nor the release window of Brahmastra Part One have been technically confirmed.

However, this morning the typically reputable OTT outlet Play announced that Brahmastra “is ready to stream on Disney+Hotstar once it completes its theatrical run”.

While fans should take this information with a grain of salt due to the lack of official confirmation, Disney+ platform Hotstar was indeed the expected distribution partner for the film, even before its September 9 release.Thursday premiere.

That’s because Disney was actually the distribution partner for the film’s PR campaign, with the live streaming of the original motion poster taking place on Hotstar Disney Plus’ official YouTube channel.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is also releasing Brahmastra in overseas territories – so while technically the OTT streaming platform is still unconfirmed, it’s highly likely that Disney Plus Hotstar will be the digital distributor.

Then we come to the alleged OTT streaming release date for Brahmastra. Again, nothing has been publicly confirmed; however, outlets are now reporting that October 2022 is the expected release window for the film on digital platforms.

This may be on the slightly earlier end of the expected release period based on the current trend in the Indian cinema industry to release OTT content around 6-8 weeks after its theatrical release.

Either way, however, fans can expect the film to be available for OTT streaming by the end of November 2022, or early December at the latest. This article will be updated as soon as official sources share more information.

The Brahmastra Trilogy and Universe

The full title of the recently released film is Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva, which is planned to be the first of a film trilogy. Parts 2 and 3 are set to begin filming after the release of the first film, each introducing new characters.

“BRAHMASTRA – a trilogy, is a 3-part film series and the beginning of the first original Indian universe – the Astraverse. It is a new original cinematic universe inspired by deeply rooted concepts and stories in Indian mythology, but set in the modern world, with an epic narrative of fantasy, adventure, good versus evil, love and hope; all told using state-of-the-art technology and never-before-seen visual spectacles.” – Filmfare.

An inside source told Pinkville that “Brahmastra is the journey of Shiva, while the second part will be about another character, Dev, who is also gifted with unique superpowers.

“The makers are also looking to cast top tier actors for the sequel, in fact they have already started conversations with some A-List stars,” claims a source.

“Shiva and Isha will also be part of the second installment as the world of Brahmastra will always be incomplete without the pioneers of the franchise, but the script has more to do with Dev’s character. All the main characters will then come together for the final showdown in the third volume. It’s more of a universe, and if Ayan succeeds, there’s also the possibility of standalone films that will introduce the story of several fascinating characters who have a relatively minor role in the already planned trilogy. But it all depends on audience acceptance.” – Pinkvilla.

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