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High inflation and energy bills are weighing on incomes, says consumer tracker

“Which one?” According to the latest findings from the magazine, many are living in cold houses and cutting back on food consumption as the living crisis hits UK households. customer information tracking tool.

A monthly survey commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found that 8.1% of households missed a payment on their housing, bills, loan or credit card in February. One in seven people (15%) said they had skipped meals because of rising costs.

A quarter (27%) said they cut out some foods, up from 21% in November. In addition, 9% considered other family members’ food better than their own, and 4% used a food bank.

About 60% of households said they made at least one adjustment in the past month to cover essential expenses such as utility bills, housing costs, food, school supplies and medicine. According to the report, adjustments include cutting essentials, saving, selling assets and borrowing.

Consumers were also looking for ways to save on electricity bills, with seven (72%) giving up heating due to high costs, 39% using less hot water and 19% cooking less. food.

“While most consumers are using less heat due to price increases, this behavior is more extreme in some households than others. Some can save money on heating and still keep their home warm enough, others can’t.” says the report.

Food prices in Great Britain increased by 17 percent

Three-in-ten (29%) of those who turn down the heat say they often or regularly experience physical discomfort this winter. Four in ten (41%) said they sometimes felt physical discomfort, while 29% rarely or never did.

The data show that consumer confidence has picked up but remains weak. Although confidence in household current finances fell slightly in February, 38% of consumers rated their financial situation as good and a quarter (24%) rated it as bad.

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