Cancer Institute slams RHOBH Lisa Rinna for her cancer-related remark


RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna is facing heat for her tongue-in-cheek comment about cancer during the final episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lisa Rinna is under fire for her approach to cancer

Lisa Rinna made some controversial statements during the season 12 finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that aired Wednesday night.

In case you didn’t know, during the episode Rinna claimed that she would “get sick and get cancer” if she didn’t share her alleged secrets about Kathy Hilton.

However, the cancer comment does not sit well with scientists who study the disease.

A representative of the American Institute for Cancer Research told TMZ

that Rinna, ‘is just using the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify her complaint.’

In addition, scientists said that the 59-year-old actress is completely wrong about how cancer enters the body.

They added that there is no evidence yet to show that stress can be one of the causes of cancer.

Additionally, an AICR spokesperson mentioned that Rinna’s information about developing cancer is “definitely not based on reputable research.”

Regardless, they said Rinna was most likely “taking on a popular (but probably false) concept” about cancer. Plus she shared it with the audience just to escalate the drama.

Lisa Rinna

Camille Grammer regrets Lisa Rinny for her cancer comment

A fan shared a clip of Lisa Rinna’s cancer-related comment on Twitter. Next, they asked Camille Grammer for her opinion on the statement.

A fan wrote: ‘I’m curious [Camille Grammer] how do you feel after seeing lisa use cancer like that to excuse her poor guy [behavior] when did you experience it? Disgusting.’

The 54-year-old star responded by slamming her former co-star.

She said: ‘I had cancer so I thought it was tacky. Pathetic.”

Grammer has battled cancer twice before. She was diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer in 2013 and underwent a radical hysterectomy shortly after. Almost five years later in 2017, she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma.

Additionally, the mother of two shared her thoughts on cancer during an interview with PEOPLE magazine at the time.

She said: ‘Cancer really stinks. Too bad it runs in my family. I was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome 15 years ago, so I have a genetic predisposition to cancer.”


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