Cardi B and Bella Poarch Beef Explained: leaks DMs with TikToker further fueling Twitter feud


Cardi B takes it straight for Bella Poarch and her comment as she leaks a DM. Although it’s not rare for two popular characters to dislike each other. Both Cardi B and Bella Poarch show similar distaste. However, for everything Bella said for Cardi. The latter finally tried to hit on Bella.

Read ahead to learn more about how Cardi B hit out at Bella Poarch by firing her DM.

Bella Poarch and the Cardi B equation

Bella Poarch is gaining popularity thanks to her career as a singer and social media star. Recently when she tweeted about her newly released Dolls EP. Where she also mentioned its quality. In one of her tweets, she finally dragged Cardi B and her music into it.

As she said in promotion “better than any Cardi album”. Which surely created a sour equation between Cardi and Bella. Meanwhile, Cardi B has now also come forward with her response to Bella Poarch’s comment. But what did she say?

Cardi B fires back at Bella with leaked DMs

With Cardi B, it was evident that she was not happy with what Bella Poarch said about her. Meanwhile, Cardi B didn’t hold back either and recently weighed in on what Bella said. Cardi B took a screenshot from her Instagram to show what Bella had to do about Cardi B’s statement.

The screenshot shared by Cardi was Bella Poarch and Cardi’s DM. Where Bella said “Hi! I’m a big fan of your music.” Which made it clear whether Bella ever liked Cardi’s music or not. Meanwhile, Cardi B’s screenshot went viral on the internet. How it now started a two-sided battle between Bella and Cardi.

Netizens Reaction to Bella and Cardi’s Leaked DMs

It was evident that Cardi didn’t like what Bella had to say about the former and her music. However, by revealing to the DM, Cardi tried to set things straight for everyone including Bella. However, one of the users defended the leak of DM.

Where Cardi said that “everyone can take a joke but I can’t”. She also said she was just trying to defend herself.

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