CGT Petroleum calls for strike, threatens to block oil refineries


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CGT Petroleum has threatened to block refineries and called for several days of strike action on Thursday as part of a national mobilization against pension reform. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne recognized the right to strike, saying it was important not to “punish the French”.

CGT Petroleum has called for several days of strike action on Thursday, January 12, following a national mobilization against pension reform. According to a press release issued by the union’s national coordinator for TotalEnergies, Eric Cellini, the union plans strikes on January 19 and 26, as well as February 6, “to shut down refineries as necessary.”

On January 19, a national day of interprofessional mobilization, the first 24-hour work stoppage is to begin. On January 26th, the CGT calls a 48-hour strike, followed by 72 hours on February 6th.

The call led to a “reduced flow” and halted fuel shipments, Eric Cellini told AFP, months after a massive mobilization to raise wages at refineries and warehouses. oil, France has significant fuel supply problems.

“There is a right to strike, a right to demonstrate,” Elizabeth Bourne replied, but “it is also important not to punish the French.” “This is a call to action for the unions,” the prime minister said on the sidelines of a trip to Disneyland in Paris.

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Quai d’Orsay joined this movement

A strike notice has been sent to the foreign ministry to join the national movement on January 19 against the government’s pension reform project, the union told AFP on Thursday, citing what it considered a “primary” issue.

“The message was sent on Wednesday evening. This is the first time that a very large inter-union Quai has joined the national slogan,” he said. The inter-union includes the Assam Union, which is affiliated with CFTC, CGT, FSU, Solidaires, Unsa and APMAE unions, he said.

Civil servants at the Foreign Office fear the government will scrap the “three to six months’ annual bonus” system, which will not benefit civil servants based outside Europe in particular.

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