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An internal investigation found more than 300 allegations of prostitution and other sexual activity

Internal investigators at Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the third-largest school district in the United States, have uncovered allegations that hundreds of teachers and administrators groomed and sexually assaulted their students, according to the inspector general.

More than 600 sex-related complaints were investigated during the 2021-2022 school year, and complaints were found to be valid in about half of those cases, the district’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said in its annual report earlier this month. The office has doubled the number of complaints it investigated a year ago. “Extremely high volume of work.” The number of new cases opened increased by 38% compared to last year.

In one case, a high school teacher “Adhering to a systematic pattern of behavior with female students” says the report. He had intimate physical contact with students and overtly solicited the girl for sex, such as asking her to involve a classmate in a threesome.

Another complaint involved a high school teacher who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old student three times after grooming her with inappropriate touching and comments, the OIG said. He was charged criminally, but a jury acquitted him last November. The accusations were confirmed by text messages sent to the student. In the note, the teacher asked her not to report the assaults, the report said.

In another case, a former employee pleaded guilty to felony sexual assault after being accused of having sex with a female student for a year starting when she was 16. He also provided the girl with alcohol and ordered her to buy marijuana. . The OIG said he threatened to kill the student and his family when he learned there might be an investigation.

Some complaints against teachers were poorly handled. For example, the OIG said staff did not notify administrators when a high school student said a teacher exposed her genitalia and apologized. When she posted about the incident on social media, the junior student claimed that the same teacher had sent her videos of him masturbating.

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A CPS investigation into alleged sexual abuse by two military academy employees quickly expanded as new allegations surfaced. The investigation ultimately substantiated allegations of misconduct by 13 employees, including a former manager, the OIG said.

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