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Doctors are bracing for a spike in the disease after the New Year’s holiday gatherings, as many parents are already busy caring for sick children, canceling childcare and more. fighting for.

Concerns arise as COVID hospitalizations rise in the US

Here’s what else you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois today.

Need to transition from COVID? Child care breaks continue

For working parents with young children, the entire world seems to have gone through a pandemic. But endless illnesses and interruptions in childcare have changed the lives of many families.

Vaccines for young children and the end of quarantines for exposure to COVID should bring relief. Instead, young families were treated with what some called the “triple plague.” Influenza, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus cases have overwhelmed children’s hospitals and threatened the child care system. Doctors and parents fear that the disease will continue this winter.

Even parents of babies infected with COVID-19 have challenged the 10-day isolation rules, which have tested the patience of employers.

Influenza and RSV are down, but hospitalizations due to COVID are on the rise

While hospitalizations for respiratory syncytial virus and influenza are declining in the United States, hospitalizations for COVID-19 are increasing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday that although flu remains highly prevalent, virus activity is declining in “many areas.” About 18,800 people were hospitalized with the flu in the week ending Dec. 24, compared to about 20,700 the previous week.

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54 of Illinois state’s high community COVID-19 levels as cases decline

As the holiday season unfolds across the state and the nation, cases of COVID-19 in Illinois have dropped significantly since last week’s report, according to the CDC, although reduced testing over the holidays may have played a role.

All counties in the Chicago area are at “moderate” levels of community exposure to COVID-19, with DuPage, Kendall and DeKalb counties moving from “high” to “moderate” in the past seven days.

CDC data shows that 54 of Illinois’ 102 counties are currently in the “high” or “moderate” community level, up from 88 counties that were in the high level last week.

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Here are the changes to the COVID rules for visitors from China

Some countries have announced new COVID testing requirements for visitors from China after the mainland announced it would finally ease border controls.

Japan subsequently became the first country to announce rule changes, followed by the US and others. Mainland China has seen an increase in COVID-19 infections this month, but public data is limited.

Here are the latest policy changes for travelers from China.

The US has 100 million cases of COVID, but more than 200 million Americans may have been infected

More than 100 million officially diagnosed and reported cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States this week, but the number of Americans who have contracted the virus since the start of the pandemic may have more than doubled..

Since the pandemic began, in the United States alone, COVID-19 has easily infected more than 200 million people — some people multiple times. The virus continues to mutate into transmissible variants that evade immunity from vaccination and previous infections, making infection control extremely difficult as we enter the fourth year of the pandemic.

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What mask to wear for COVID-19, other respiratory diseases?

The simultaneous threat of COVID-19, RSV and the flu continues to spread, prompting health agencies to advise people to abandon what was once a mainstay at the height of the pandemic: wearing masks.

While face coverings are not currently recommended throughout the Chicago area, masks are being recommended in some areas after a slight increase in COVID-19 measures.

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What are Never Coviders?

Not to be confused with people who have not yet contracted COVID-19, researchers believe that the portion of the population with natural immunity to the virus (never covids) never gets sick.

Not to be confused with people who have not yet contracted COVID-19, researchers believe that the portion of the population that is naturally immune to the virus (and never the covids) will never get sick.

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You can get free COVID tests from the government. that’s it

Once again, US residents can get free COVID tests delivered directly to their homes.

On December 15, the Biden administration announced that it will offer four rapid household virus tests through, so how can you get yours?

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