Circular Ring Slim aims to beat out your watch as a smart wearable for personal health

Circular has introduced the Circular Ring Slim as a personal health wearable that aims to beat out your watch as a thin and light smart wearable.

The Paris company said the Circular Ring Slim is the thinnest, lightest, and most intelligent smart ring globally, marking a significant leap in health-focused wearables.

Integrated with Kira+, an AI-driven wellness assistant, this small device ups the ante in health tracking, providing holistic insights into users’ well-being.

This ring has a thickness of 2.2 millimeters and a feather-light weight of two grams, and the Circular Ring Slim boasts an array of advanced sensors. It incorporates a three-axis accelerometer, surface temperature sensor, and advanced PPG sensors that leverage green, red, and infrared LED light wavelengths, offering precise metrics, including heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability.

Designed to be worn constantly, the Circular Ring Slim captures a wealth of health data every two minutes, delivering 15 times more health information compared to other trackers. With a battery life of 6 days and onboard memory for up to 20 days, this smart ring is aimed at optimizing physical activities and mental wellness, helping in predictive health monitoring.

During the day, the ring monitors various metrics like activity levels, blood oxygen levels, energy consumption, and chronotype. At night, it seamlessly tracks circadian rhythms, sleep quality, REM cycles, and disturbances, even recording temperature variations to support early detection of potential health conditions.

Smart ring features

The Circular Ring Slim also stands out as the first smart ring to feature haptic navigation and alerts. Replacing buttons with a haptic interface, users can access different functions by tapping anywhere around the ring. Haptic vibrations offer a range of features including a Smart Alarm Clock, Medication Reminders, and Guided Breathing Exercises, promoting well-timed and informed health practices.

To contextualize the data collected, the ring is integrated with Kira+, an AI health and wellness assistant. Trained on millions of health data points, Kira+ provides personalized health recommendations and analyses, forging a supportive relationship with the users to deliver tailored advice without subscription fees.

Over a 14-day period, Kira+ conducts comprehensive analyses of the user’s habits and preferences to personalize health recommendations. As a continuous learning model, Kira+ evolves over time, predicting potential health issues and even providing early warnings for medication compliance issues.

Circular’s application is designed to visualize user data trends and behaviors over time, promoting motivation through gamification strategies, challenges, and leaderboards. Additionally, Circular Coins, earned by achieving health and activity goals, allow users to access Circular’s array of products and services.

Availability and pricing

Pre-orders for the Circular Ring Slim start on November 15, at a discounted price of £199 ($243.66). Starting December 15th, 2023, the price will be £225. Orders can be made through the Circular website at

Circular, founded in 2019, is dedicated to developing cutting-edge smart ring technology, aiming to seamlessly integrate wellness and technology into users’ lives, creating the ultimate wearable experience.

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