CJ Perry Homeless Person Tweet Explained as she Apologizes and Defends Herself


CJ Perry is getting slammed for a comment she made about a homeless man who came forward on Twitter, and the entertainer formerly known as Lana has responded with a series of comments. A Twitter user who went by Adam took to the stage to share moments of despair, expressing It’s hard to keep going when you’re homeless. Everyone overlooks you. Everything is a sign of what you once had, in response to a since-deleted tweet from CJ Perry.

Former WWE star CJ Perry quoted Adam on Twitter on Sunday, August 14, advising him that he had a gadget to tweet from, which earned her a huge amount of criticism after the comment and she began to defend herself by saying that she herself was homeless. at least a time or two.

Let me explain something about something going on with the tweet, she composed. What most people don’t know is that I was homeless for 2 different times and I was chasing big dreams. I have a lot of sympathy for the homeless because I was homeless myself. However, I was grateful in light of the fact that I had a phone to tweet from. CJ Perry followed up on this news with a longer response.

CJ Perry apologizes for tweet

CJ Perry has apologized after taking to Twitter to comment on ka tweet a homeless person. Lana’s ex drew some criticism on Twitter after she retweeted a comment from someone discussing how it’s so hard to move on when you’re homeless and that everyone ignores you and is a reminder of what you once had, saying that you have a phone that you want to tweet. CJ Perry has received several warnings from Twitter regarding this circumstance and has now posted a few of them tweets.

CJ Perry’s follow-up report also contained a statement of regret. She said she was sorry if she offended anyone with the tweet, but said she came from a place of love and used it as inspiration. I understand that my Eastern European childhood and motivational speech didn’t resonate with a significant number of you, CJ Perry said. As a youngster and teenager, I had shoes thrown at me, I was whipped by my ballet teacher because they ‘believed’ in me. I apologize for accidentally appearing insensitive and causing more damage. I really tried to push in the way I know how. Which disappointed me and I’m sorry. At the point when individuals did this to me, it generally helped, but I can see that it didn’t help in the current circumstances. What’s more, I’m angry about it, she said.

CJ Perry

In another tweet, CJ Perry commented on how she’s adjusting to getting down to earth, and advised herself that things were and could be a lot worse and that many individuals on the planet are really in a bad way. Referring to the starving, homeless children in Ukraine who fear the possibility of being bombed and suddenly move on, she said it gives perspective.

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