Cobra Kai fans react to Tyron Woodley’s surprise season 5 cameo


Since Cobra Kai first hit screens in 2018, the show has become a global sensation, especially after its move to Netflix ahead of Season 3.

The series saw several familiar faces from the Karate Kid films reprise their roles, while the show’s popularity allowed some familiar faces to appear in cameos.

Season five is no different, as Cobra Kai fans wasted no time in pointing out surprise cameos from former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Cobra Kai: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix



Cobra Kai: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix





Who does Tyron Woodley play in Cobra Kai?

Tyron Woodley plays Sensi Odell in Cobra Kai Season 5.

The character is one of several new additions to Episode 6, Ouroboros, as Terry Silver recruits a number of new sensei to run his growing Cobra Kai empire.

After his introduction in episode 6, Woodley appears as Sensei Odell in every episode until the end of the season, helping to train students in the Cobra Kai brand of karate and also acting as Terry Silver’s henchman.

Cobra Kai © Netflix

UFC teammate also plays

In addition to Woodley, Cobra Kai Season 5 also has a cameo appearance by fellow UFC fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, who appears as Sensi Morozov.

The role is Stephen Thompson’s acting debut, while Tyron Woodley has plenty of previous acting experience with appearances in Straight Outta Compton, Hawaii Five-0, Cut Throat City and stunt roles in Olympus Has Fallen and The Equalizer 2.

Woodley and Thompson’s Cobra Kai portrayals were first teased in December 2021 when the pair appeared on The MMA Hour.

Stephen revealed on the show that he and Tyron have put their past rivalry aside for their work on the show: “I spoke to him [Woodley] it hasn’t been that long since I did anything with Cobra Kai.

“I can’t reveal too much, but we were there hanging out, and yes, the beef was mashed.

“He’s been amazing ever since and fun to hang out with when we were there. I didn’t get to hang out with him, but when we were there on set.’

Cobra Kai © Netflix

Cobra Kai fans react to Tyrone Woodley’s cameo

The UFC star may not have the biggest role in Cobra Kai Season 5, but that didn’t stop fans from noticing his cameo, with many taking to social media to post their reactions.

One fan on Twitter said, “I can’t believe Tyron Woodley is in Cobra Kai Season 5.”

While this confused fan added, “What the hell is Tyron Woodley doing in Cobra Kai?”

“When I saw Tyrone Woodley in the new Cobra Kai, I screamed ‘AYYYOOO’ so loud the elves are probably all awake,” he commented. this enthusiastic spectator.

This fan wrote: “Damn Tyron Woodley went from Welterweight Champion to Cobra Kai background character.”

Another fan said, “Seeing Tyrone Woodley on Cobra Kai really highlighted how great the show is.”

And finally, of this Twitter user commented, “I just watched Cobra Kai Season 5, what a season it was. I can’t believe Tyron Woodley was in it.”

Cobra Kai © Netflix

Cobra Kai Season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix after its release on Friday, September 9, 2022.

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