Credits for California Floods; Hurricanes end ‘exceptional’ drought


Californians are bracing for flooding as another “atmospheric river” is expected to hit the San Francisco Bay Area this week and Tuesday after the latest storm brought record rainfall.

On the bright side, however, the portion of the state experiencing “exceptional” drought has now moved out of that category, although California remains dry and much of the state is officially experiencing drought conditions in the US. ‘with.

An “atmospheric river” is a broad band of moisture that originates in the warm, humid central Pacific Ocean and falls as rain and snow as it reaches the cooler, mountainous coast of California. This is a normal winter phenomenon, but this year has seen plenty of rain and defied La Nina forecasts for the third dry winter in a row.

The San Francisco Chronicle Marked:

A dire prediction has come true: A “bomb cyclone” off the coast of California has brought heavy rain and strong winds to large parts of the state, resulting in flooding, downed power lines and trees, road closures, landslides, beachcombing and deaths. territory. Greater Bay Area.

The skies have cleared in the Bay Area, but snow showers persist in the Sierra and, most importantly, other atmospheric rivers are on the way, creating a constant threat of flooding.

He added:

According to a map released Thursday morning by the U.S. Drought Monitor, no part of California is currently in an extreme drought category, which is not the case for a map released on May 10, 2022. And this update doesn’t take into account the impact of the powerful storm that swept through the Bay Area on Wednesday, knocking down trees and flooding roads.

From December 27 to January 3, 2022, California experienced reductions in all drought categories, along with the elimination of exceptional drought. During that time, the percentage of states experiencing severe drought or worse dropped from about 81% to about 71%. That said, the entire state remains at least unusually dry.

The storm also brought large amounts of snow to California ski resorts, surprising winter sports enthusiasts and bringing fans to the state’s mountains from Lake Tahoe to the San Bernardino Mountains.

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