Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter has announced a solo album



Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter showed his face by announcing the release of a solo album.

The French electronic duo, which broke up in 2021, wore a space helmet as a costume whenever they performed. Both of them were rarely photographed without him.

Bangalter’s album “Mythologies” will be orchestral. The photo he shared with the news on Instagram is a realistic profile illustration titled “Portrait of Thomas Bangalter for New Record in Mythologies.”

Tracks on the album include titles such as “Premiers Mouvements”, “Le Catch”, “Thalestris”, “Les Gémeaux I”, “Les Amazones” and “L’Arrivée d’Alexandre”. New music was commissioned for the first time by choreographer Angelin Preliokai for the ballet “Mythologies”.

The album will be released on April 7.

In 2014, Daft Punk performed at the 2014 Grammy Awards, where they won Album of the Year for Random Access Memories.

An earlier version of this story said that Banglater was showing his face for the first time. This story has been updated to clarify that Bangalter rarely shows his face as an artist.


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