Debanhi met Escobar’s parents, FGR and Rosa Isela Rodríguez: “we are calm but not satisfied”


Parents of Debanhi Escobar. Photo: @marioscobarsalazar.Official

The parents according to Debanhy Escobar, Mario Escobar and Dolores Bazaldua, They went to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic on the morning of Tuesday, January 24 (FGR) to meet with the bodies responsible for the case and in the afternoon they were received by the head of the Secretariat for the Protection of Citizens’ Security and Rights (SCRC); Rosa Isela Rodriguez.

In September 2022 research folder He became interested in the FGR after his parents alleged that the Homological Organization of Nuevo León was not involved in the case and that the initial autopsies indicated asphyxiation as the cause of death.

Before and after treatment at the Attorney General’s Office, Mario Escobar gave a brief message to the media. At first, she thanked the authorities for accepting to speak about her daughter’s femicide, which is about to end a year of injustice.

“We would like set this precedent for it no more with any young woman, We are sure that what is happening day by day in all the states of the republic (…) they will be able to tell us the signs that will show us who are the alleged perpetrators of the murder of women,” he told the microphones.

Debanhi Escobar's parents meet SSPC chief (Rosa Isela Rodríguez)
Debanhi Escobar’s parents meet SSPC chief (Rosa Isela Rodríguez)

Since FGR chief Alejandro Hertz Manero is currently out of the country due to health reasons, a representative visited Mario Escobar, who he said listened to his ailments and concerns about the case; but as he walked away, he admitted it they were not satisfied.

He was in a meeting that lasted almost three hours they read their rights and they personally attended them to talk about the tragedy that happened in April last year.

“I am leaving calmly, I will not leave without satisfaction, I will be satisfied when I find those accused of killing our daughter; If we have one, two or three, we will be full.”

He noted that now that the investigation is in FGR’s hands, he believes he can move forward more seriously; In this context, he said that now they are calm because they know that they are working with the folder, but they are not satisfied because we still don’t know who they are. feminicide criminals daughter found dead Motel Nueva Castilla Cistern.

“They read us our rights (…) everything we have the right to is confirmed, we knew in part, but it should have been marked in the folder, we told them our feelings,” said Mario Escobar.

He indicated that they are responsible for the investigation they were only analyzing some of the evidence they received On December 15, when Montel was searched in Nueva Castilla, they did not indicate whether they had anything to do with their daughter or her death.

“They were analyzing some of the samples they found. We do not know what is being determined yet. Just now our lawyers have seen the folder, which is clearly a different folder than the folder Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevo Leónthey start with a folder, I think only one volume,” the victim’s father told the media.

Dolores Bazaldua, Debanhi’s motherOn his part, he said that he is sure that he will meet the FGR again and advised the fathers and mothers of the families who are looking for their daughters or sons not to get tired of doing so.

Until the end of the day Rosa met Isela Rodríguez, Who leads the SSKP? They did not elaborate on what was discussed at the last meeting; However, the official announced that the young woman received her parents and that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government “stands for justice and truth”.

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From Debanhi’s grave, her parents sent a heartwarming message: “Listen to your parents.”

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