DeSantis Protects Seniors, Keeps Beaches Open ‘Smarter’ Than His Critics, Keeping Beaches Open Helps Health


In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, HBO host and comedian Bill Maher said much of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) response to the coronavirus is “smarter” than his critics say, and noted that DeSantis is keeping the beaches open and “keeping the beaches open.” a “targeted” approach that protects the elderly.

Maher said DeSantis “may be a real old-school Republican who only cares about business, COVID, hurricanes and things like that.” He just does his job. It doesn’t do anything. But then when he wants to throw red meat on base, he’s a performer. And he does a lot of really extreme things. But I realized, this is where the party goes. If you want a big future this evening, especially if you want to take on Donald Trump, you need to get on those two horses at once.

He added: “I was in (Florida) during the COVID. Day and night passed from here. I’m not someone who has ever been on a page with COVID paranoia. So I thought it was a breath of fresh air. And people there, sometimes when they come to me here, they’re like, Oh my God, in the middle of a pandemic – what are you – are you living like this? It’s so useless. We don’t live like that. And many things Ron DeSantis has done have turned out to be smarter than critics say. It kept the beaches open. Yes, you can’t take it out. In fact, it’s good. Get some fresh air and sunshine, it would be good for you. He also protected the elderly. It was much more purposeful. It was the opposite of what happened in New York State.

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