Did Zac Efron get facial plastic surgery? as his face muscles got ‘really big’ after injury


Zac Efron is prone to plastic surgery rumors, with the entertainer revealing that the changes to the shape of his jaw were actually the result of an injury. The High School Musical star, 34, first sparked plastic surgery rumors in April 2021 when she appeared in a clip promoting an Earth Day special with Bill Nye. At the time, fans were rushing to see the difference in Zac Efron’s facial structure, with many wondering if his recently articulated jawline was the result of cosmetic surgery. In another interview with Men’s Health, Zac Efron weighed in on the viral “jaw-door” appearance debate, clarifying that the change in his face was the result of an accident that broke his jaw and physical therapy that followed the injury.

According to Zac Efron, he broke his jaw when he slipped while running around his house in his socks. The fall, which caused him to smash his jaw against the stone corner of the fountain, reportedly knocked him to the ground, and the entertainer let the outlet reveal that his jawbone was hanging from his face when he ran out. Because of the injury, Efron said the muscles in his jaw and face have to work harder to repair it, which he clarified he tries to mediate by working with a trained professional and doing physical therapy.

Did High School Musical Star Zac Efron Get Facial Plastic Surgery? As His Face Muscles Got “Really Big” After Injury

Zac Efron was promoting Bill Nye’s “Earth Day Musical” on Facebook Watch in April 2021 when fans saw that he looked, all things considered, somewhat different. Specifically, his jawline looked somewhat altered, prompting Tweeters and commenters across the web to wonder if the High School Musical and Neighbors star had gone through the full cosmetic procedure. Currently, in a new Men’s Health story, the 34-year-old is reportedly setting the record straight on his huge jawline, which he’s been recovering from a horrific injury.

As Zac Efron explains in the interview, his facial injury came close to 18 months ago, during which he also tore his ACL, dislocated his shoulder, broke his wrist, and hurt his back. The facial injuries were a pure accident, he says; he was walking through his house in his socks when he slipped and hit his face on the rock corner of the fountain and passed out. He says the moment he woke up, his jawbone was hanging from his face. The entertainer says he’s been doing physical therapy to rehabilitate the injury, but has stopped for a while; he also says that the muscles in his face work together like a symphony, so the part of the masticatory muscles in his face that are used for chewing had to make up for the rest not being fully functional.

During his time in Australia, he took up facial physical therapy, and this was the point at which he recorded the video for the Bill Nye special. He says massage therapists have recently evolved. They just got really big. Zac Efron didn’t actually realize the size of his jaw set his cobwebs on fire until his own mom called him to ask if he’d had plastic surgery. He doesn’t let such online gossip get him down and says he wouldn’t have the career he does if it did. Assuming I respected others’ thought processes about me to the point that they might think I did, he adds, I certainly wouldn’t have the ability to finish this job.

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