Director Paul Schrader Says ‘Oscars Are Getting Smaller Every Year’, Quoted From Academy Award-Winning Struggle To Wake Up


After another disastrously underrated Academy Awards ceremony, acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter Paul Schrader opined the next day that “the Oscars mean less and less every year” because of the academy’s financial woes and “relentlessness to wake up.”

THE Reformed first The director made his case in a Facebook post on Monday.

“The Oscars mean less and less every year,” he wrote. “The reasons for this are clear: the museum’s debt and declining film revenues, and the need for income through the struggle to revive.”

Schrader was referring to the $482 million Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences museum set to open in Los Angeles in 2021. Various reports estimate that the Academy has issued more than $300 million in bonds to help finance the massive project.

The Academy Awards have always been one of the main sources of income for the Academy. But the drop in ratings means that ads aren’t selling as well as they used to. This year, Disney, ABC’s owner, cut the price of its Oscar night ads in relief of declining public interest and an economic crisis that has hit consumers hard.

In a Facebook post, Schrader cited the Academy’s diversity efforts, which have led to more international voters.

“These changes have turned the Hollywood Oscars into international Oscars,” he wrote, adding that he preferred the old Oscars, which focused on industry films. “If the Oscars want to save themselves, they need to get back to their roots.”

But it remains at a high level. unlikely. Starting this year, the Academy’s new Diversity Awakens requirements will go into effect for the best picture category. Films must meet a complex set of gender and racial quotas to be considered for the top prize at the 96th annual Academy Awards.

According to Breitbart News, early numbers show that just 16 million people tuned in for this year’s Oscars, hosted by far-left Jimmy Kimmel, down from 16.6 million last year. , it was already considered bad. Ten years ago, the 2013 Oscar ceremony was watched by 40.3 million viewers.

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