DOJ allows Biden’s personal attorneys to search classified documents without FBI


President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has authorized the president’s personal lawyers to search classified documents in separate locations without security clearance or FBI involvement.

Critics have questioned why Biden’s personal lawyers sought classified documents in the first place. Others questioned why the president’s legal team continued to search his home for classified documents after a special counsel was appointed Thursday.

Appropriate The Wall Street Journal, the original DOJ-authorized search involved persons without security clearances to search for potentially classified material. “Sir. Biden’s legal team is preparing to search for similar documents at his other properties and has discussed with the Department of Justice the possibility of FBI agents being involved while Mr. Biden’s attorneys conduct additional investigations,” the statement said.

“In exchange, both parties agreed that Mr. Biden’s personal attorneys would search the homes and notify the Department of Justice as soon as they discovered other potentially classified documents and arrange for them to be received by law enforcement agencies,” the statement said.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) believes that if CBS News had not first reported the scandal, no one would have known about the documents found at the Biden Penn Center or at Biden’s home. After the scandal broke, the White House called for full transparency.

The White House has yet to explain why Biden’s personal lawyers searched Biden’s residence and the Biden Penn Center for classified documents.

Five additional classified documents were discovered on Thursday, hours after the White House revealed on Wednesday that documents had been found in a storage room near the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home. The New York Times reported on Saturday. Justice Department officials recovered the document Thursday, which was exhumed Wednesday by the president’s legal team without security clearance.

Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauersaid on Saturday that one document led Biden’s lawyers to five other classified documents, which they said “because Biden’s own legal team did not have security clearances, when they saw the one-page document with classified information, they cleared the area and looked at it.” no more.”

So far, the president’s personal lawyers have released a total of 25 classified documents, some of which are classified as top secret.

Jonathan Turley, a lawyer and professor at George Washington University Law School, questioned Monday why Biden would use his personal attorneys to seek classified information.

“It’s surprising that Biden didn’t use security agents or the FBI to investigate further,” he wrote. New York Post Monday. “The president has many people who regularly deal with classified materials. Why hire attorneys? :

The answer appears to be the same as in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails: surveillance. Using a private attorney would allow Biden to waive attorney-client privilege. Trump also obtained a lawyer, but the FBI eventually raided his home and searched and removed not only classified material, but also documents found in boxes containing that material.

While this attorney-client privilege can be overcome under the “crime/fraud exception,” it adds an initial level of protection. It also allowed Biden to oversee the release of classified information and his first record.

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