Donald Trump is furious with Fox News for using his bad pictures


“They purposely show the worst pictures of me,” said the former president, as branded ketchup dripped from the walls around him, “especially the big ‘orange’ one with my chin drawn in.” .

Like many people, my initial reaction to Donald Trump’s rant was one of disbelief: Does he think he has GOOD pictures?

I think it should be obvious that this person is vain. After all, he doesn’t go public until he’s first dipped into a vat of molten orange sherbet and then allowed a family of ferrets (big strong ferrets, bring tears to my eyes!) to change what’s left of his stringy cotton. candy hair into the straw nest.

But there’s something odd about this particular conceit, especially since it follows several other recent social reality controversies.

Earlier this week, the former president’s social media site, which has been described as a “slow-moving-hamster-powered-on-Twitter, running around on one wheel,” hit the headlines when Trump posted a message that ended with “RIGGERS.” “.

He talked about “rigging the election”, but given that his history with someone is not the same as his (and NO ONE is the same color as him), this has led to speculation on social media that they are “riggers”. ” was the exact spelling he was looking for.

Between those two posts and the silent approval of Truth Social members, Trump has spent a lot of time on his even more rambunctious fake version of Twitter as he tries to piss off the members of the grand jury that recently indicted him. .

Why does he spend so much time on this? The former president is now full of accusations like Mr. Dursley and ripping off Harry Potter’s invitation to Hogwarts. In addition, he is running the first presidential campaign to run entirely from golf courses and courthouses.

The man is busy. Devoting 18 hours a day to “executive time,” sleeping, tweeting in the bathroom, and not taking Eric’s phone calls, she’s busier than ever as president. He must be too busy to pay attention to the photos shown behind Sean Hannity’s giant smelly head.

Also, while Trump may not have a complete understanding of history, science, math, history, or the names of his grandchildren, he does have an unusual understanding of the media. . She must have known that by talking about the image without contacting her, she would create a huge Streisand effect, with every social media account in the world coming to life like WOPR. War games trying to figure out which picture it is.

And, hey, if your particular hobby is seeing the yellow makeup of 70-year-old skin peeling off like a Formica kitchen inside an abandoned RV rotting in the woods, this was the day for you. Trump’s worst 4-panel images have surfaced on Twitter, each with the caption: “What if Andy Warhol decided to draw EC horror comic book covers?” He answered the question.

Why does this very busy and very proud man take time out from various arrests to send the world searching for the worst of his many, *many*, horror videos?

Donald Trump has realized that the social media news cycle isn’t driven by big, hard-to-tell stories that require anti-MAGA skills like “reading” and “comprehension.” Instead, it’s based on sensational, visual mini-stories such as … “What bad image of Donald upset him?”

Trump is no genius, and no matter how fast he stabs his little fingers into his phone, he won’t be able to tweet his way through the rapidly approaching avalanche of justice, but his skills have allowed him to focus. There is still a lot to do before the presidency.

Consider this: In one week, the former President of the United States was shocked by his FOURTH indictment (and RICO indictment, just like the mob boss nicknamed “The Big Marmalade”). To find out which of Donald’s many creepy photos made him the saddest.

You see, what Donald Trump understands is that the best way to distract from the big picture is to send people to get the small picture.

Jay Black is a comedian, writer and actor from New Jersey.

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