Donald Trump maintains a 23-point lead over Ron DeSantis


A July poll showed former President Donald Trump leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by double digits in Iowa’s Republican presidential primary.

In the latest poll of Republican primary voters in Iowa, Trump received 44% support. Those numbers give Trump a 23-point lead over DeSantis, who has 21% support in the poll.

DeSantis is polling five points lower than before he officially entered the presidential race. A May poll found that 26% of Iowa Republicans support DeSantis. Then, a June poll conducted a few weeks after his presidential announcement showed his support dropping to 24%.

By comparison, Trump’s 44% would put him back where he voted in May, after falling to 39% in June.

On Friday, Trump spoke to thousands of supporters in Council Bluffs, Iowa, about his support for the state’s farmers.

“I fought for Iowa ethanol like no other president in history,” Trump told the crowd. He also declared himself “the most pro-farmer president you’ve ever had.”

Trump also criticized DeSantis, who sponsored legislation in 2017 that would have immediately ended the renewable fuel standard.

“It would be a disaster for farmers in Nebraska and Iowa and everywhere else,” Trump told the crowd. “DeSanctis, as I call him DeSanctimonious for short, is a global salesman, an accomplice of Paul Ryan and Karl Rove, with Wall Street donors lining the pockets of the No Growth Club.”

“Iowa should also know that Ron DeSantus absolutely hates ethanol and ethanol in Iowa,” Trump added. “He has been fighting for years. Remember, as a congressman he voted against it and fought for years to kill every job.

However, DeSantis’ campaign responded to Trump’s attacks, accusing the former president of “falsifying the governor’s record.”

“As president, Ron DeSantis will be a champion for farmers and use every tool available to open new markets,” said DeSantis spokesman Brian Griffin.

National Research Inc. He conducted a poll of 500 Republican voters in Iowa on July 5-6. The poll has a margin of error of ±4.38%.

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