Don’t be ‘Ick’: Tinder’s dating dictionary aims to clear up friendly confusion


(WHNT) – To help older singles, Tinder has released a “dating dictionary” of Gen Z terms and what they really mean.

This post comes after research found that 62% of singles between the ages of 18 and 25 speak a completely different language than millennials and others when dating.

Among many other words that may be somewhat recognisable, the dictionary includes words such as “picking”, “breadcrumbing”, “dumping”, “kitten fishing”, “ick” and “ecodumping”.

Opportunity is a meeting, which may be a little obvious, is short for available date. A coffee date, a walk, and more. think about

Bread crumbs (not related to Hansel and Gretel) is a reference to light flirting with some interest. The goal is to interest the other person without any real commitment.

Amortization This means that one keeps a few “backup” relationships in one’s pocket in case the main one doesn’t work.

for what

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