‘Don’t miss’ against Colomiers, warns Carcassonne forwards coach Mathieu Sidre


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In a delicate situation, only two points ahead of the first legation, Audos has little room to maneuver. The forwards coach will report back on matchday 16 of the Pro D2 when they host Colomiers this Friday, January 6 (7.30pm).

Before approaching the return phase, keep your head above water. Is it satisfying?

If you make two false moves at home (Messi and Grenoble, editor’s note) and you’ve only conceded four away points in eight trips (good luck at Rouen, editor’s note), we’re definitely where we deserve to be. In Mont-de-Mars last game last year (13-42), the content was disappointing, with another zero-point loss away from home. So we took an early vacation? We thought a lot about the preparation. We ask ourselves first, because the defeat is collective.

What is your first period balance?

This is clearly not good! Our future opponent also lost their last home match, but it’s against Oionnax, who will be able to handle everything, so it doesn’t matter much. In order to find the right solutions, you need to learn from the things that didn’t work well. I am interested in the next days, not the past fifteen days.

Isn’t the timing of the return period strange?

We have a block of two games, a hole, and then a second block of six games. And in this block we will only have admissions against direct competitors (admissions from Rouen, Soyau-Angouleme and Oyonnax, trips to Massey, Aurillac and Nevers, editor’s note). The idea is to score maximum points in the upcoming matches and especially not to over draft.

But first there are the Colomiers standing in your way. Let’s be honest, recovery isn’t easy, is it?

After the holiday, the menu will be more. And it should not be missed. Today we should not deceive ourselves, our championship will be decided there. Most importantly, we have to beat our direct rivals at home or away. Here you need to spend as much energy as possible. After practically reviewing the entire squad and the players who trained regularly with the professional team in the first phase, we now know how to proceed to the second half of the season. And this will be decisive. Let’s start our first meeting with Kolomiers with negotiations.


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