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Nintendo is known for failing the Wii U and providing the Switch with some of its best ports, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have some exceptionally great games. While many Wii U games have crossed over to other platforms, and Game Boy Advance games are now coming to the Nintendo Switch, some experiences are especially suited for the Wii U GamePad or just can’t make the jump elsewhere due to other external factors.

So when the Wii U and 3DS eShops close on March 27th, some unique Wii U games will be much more expensive and difficult to play. If you’re one of the 13.5 million people who own a Wii U and want to know what to buy before the eShop shuts down, we recommend these blocked games.

While the Wii U GamePad’s dual-screen functionality is an interesting concept, few games have made significant use of it. Available space events an indie title whose gameplay is directly related to the GamePad. While this makes it one of the greatest games on the system, it also means that the experience won’t be the same anywhere else. year Available space eventsplayers are stranded on an alien planet and explore it in a small spaceship.

Players control various systems on the GamePad touch screen to complete levels and ensure the spaceship is safe and stable. If Accessible Space Adventures were to be ported to another platform, it would either have to lose the micromanagement systems or clumsily consolidate ship control controls onto a single screen. The Wii U version though Available space events may be the best way to play it.

Available space events is a digital-only title, meaning interested players should purchase it (and its DLC) soon.

Devil’s Third not a good game; it’s absolutely terrifying. Still, it’s such a beautiful disaster that we recommend all Wii U owners play it. It follows a villain named Ivan hunting down members of a secret organization he’s a part of, but it’s not like the plot is good or anything. It’s an explosive, poorly-constructed adventure, and fun combat that never goes smoothly. But Devil’s Third I don’t think the Vin Diesel-looking, tattooed, drum-playing main character is so cool that we don’t find him lovable.

Too bad it’s good territory, it’s awesome Nintendo chose to release it Devil’s Third. It remains one of the weirdest games in Nintendo’s catalog, and the company will never admit it. It’s multiplayer mode will die a year after launch, and unless someone finds a ridiculously expensive physical copy, its single player mode will be gone forever.

Devil’s Third The Wii U is one of the rarer games as it had a limited physical release in North America. Copies cost $350 or more, but the eShop has been an easy way to introduce people to the game so far. Devil’s Third it’s only going to go up in price when it’s not available digitally, so those who want to experience this train wreck should grab it on the eShop before it closes.

Star Fox Guard

Slippy and Grippy were shocked as they looked at the cameras.

Star Fox Zero It was Nintendo’s lackluster sci-fi franchise reboot that incorporated the GamePad with mixed results. Although this is also unlikely Star Fox Zero will never wear out, and we are deeply saddened by its loss Star Fox Guard. This parallel game was released together Star Fox Zero used the game board in a much more interesting way, but at the same time is in danger of being lost forever.

Star Fox Guard a tower defense game where players switch between different cells to fight against invading robots. It features everyone’s favorite annoying Star Fox character Slippy Toad and looks like a unique blend of classic tower defense games, Five Nights at Freddy’s And star fox.

as Available space events, this experience will likely stay on Wii U forever due to its unique fit for the platform. The game received a limited physical release alongside the first printing Star Fox Zero, and once the eShop closes, it will likely remain extremely rare and valuable. So this is a game Star Fox or GamePad fans didn’t buy until March 27th.

The player and their group track Mira using a skell.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is currently the only game in the Xenoblade series not available on Nintendo Switch. With more realistic visuals than the rest of the series, Xenoblade Chronicles X It follows a group of settlers from a devastated Earth as they explore the planet Mira and attempt to create a new society. It plays like other Xenoblade games, but focuses more on exploration and even allows players to control giant robots called Skells.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the black sheep of the series, but is still a fun RPG, and uses the Wii U gamepad for the game’s highly detailed map. its way to this system. While the game may eventually make its way to Nintendo’s current console, the only option for interested gamers is to purchase. Xenoblade Chronicles X On Wii U until March 27th.

Nintendo land

The Nintendo Land key art features Miis wearing costumes based on several Nintendo franchises.

For the time being Nintendo land people who had a bundle title for the Wii U in its early days, got the system later, or bought second-hand may not be able to access it. The Wii U is packed with exclusive mini-game bundles, including first-party bundles Wii Party U And Game and Wariobut Nintendo land stands out as the best. The game is a celebration of several Nintendo franchises, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, F-Zero, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Mysterious Murasame castle, battle with ballsYoshi and Play and Watch.

All of these have mini-games, and while many of the mini-games are random, Mario Chase’s Great Origin and Luigi’s Haunted Castle’s reverse Pac-Man ghost hunting escapades use the GamePad in a new way and are great fun with friends. as Nintendo land Designed from the ground up for the Wii U GamePad, this game is unlikely to be ported elsewhere. So if you don’t already have a copy, you’ll want to grab the game by March 27th.

Screenshots of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 5

continuation Kirby: Curse of the Internet For Nintendo DS, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse abandons the usual platforming found in the series. Instead, players use the Wii U’s stylus to draw lines on the GamePad that Kirby moves around. It’s the kind of game that only works best with a touchscreen, and the Wii U’s stylus ensures that your fingers don’t block large parts of the screen. The game is also one of the best looking games on the Wii U thanks to its colorful clay style.

Although this game has its own drawback that requires players to watch a lower resolution GamePad version of this beautiful game, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse still offers fresh and accessible fun in the famous Kirby series. Games that can get stuck on the Wii U are games that use the GamePad in interesting ways, unfortunately Kirby and Curse of the Rainbow falls into that category. So you’ll want to grab these and some other games before the Nintendo Wii U eShop shuts down on March 27th.

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