Drama Escalates as LSU Star Angel Reese Sits Out Game After Benching

The LSU Tigers, who won the 2022-23 women’s college basketball title, were without their star player, Angel Reese, Friday night and the team’s coach was evasive as to why.

“Angel was not in uniform. Angel is a part of this basketball team, and we hope to see her sooner than later,” LSU coach Kim Mulkey said after her team’s 73-50 win over Southeastern Louisiana. “I’m not gonna answer any more, that’s it, that’s all y’all need to know.”

Reese’s absence comes after she was benched for the second half during LSU’s 109-79 win over Kent State Tuesday night.

The Tigers also suffered their first loss of the season in a major upset just 11 days ago when the Colorado Buffaloes beat them 92-78 on Nov. 6.

Not helping matters, Reese and fellow LSU star Flau’jae Johnson’s moms have been feuding on social media.

Angel Webb Reese, took to her Instagram stories to criticize a long message that was sent to her.

“Folks pls do not send me long text msgs with a bunch of grammatical errors it gives me a headache,” Webb wrote. “How do I know you said what you said if I can’t understand what you’re saying?”

While she did not say who she was referring to, it soon became clear when Johnson’s mom, Kia Brooks, sent out her own response on Instagram.

“Stop being petty, fake and hateful, and take responsibility for you and your daughters actions. Your just as responsible you raised her that way,” Brooks wrote. “Nobody give a damn who you think you are since you came up off another’s brand. Just like God gave it to you he will take it right away. Always stay humble and never forget who made you and where you came from!!”

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